Below some of our prices. The final price depends on the group size, the programme and accommodation needs. We are pleased to tailor complete holiday packages to your specific needs, so please ask us for an offer!

Accommodation in Rentola:

week-end from 450 €
week 650- 950 €, depending on season,

Villa Mertala:

week-end from 450 €
week 650-950 €, depending on season

Fishing permits:
The rapids Heijostenkosket 25 €/day, the river Karajoki 5 €/day, (see additional information

Guided tour in the car museum:
5 €/person, 40 € about 20 persons, 80 € about 50 persons, coffee and car ride according to agreement.

Equipment such as tennis rackets and balls, skiing equipment and bikes can be hired on request.